Judy Vinitsky: Watt’s lower standards

November 9, 2013 

In your Nov. 2 editorial “Watt block,” you blasted Republicans for not allowing the nomination of Mel Watt to proceed. You lauded his credentials to lead the large mortgage lenders, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, but other than saying he served in Congress and voted the party line, you failed to state his qualifications. And you also omitted (an oversight, I suppose) the reason many Republicans are not supportive of his nomination: his desire to lessen the mortgage standards for home buyers. I suppose you have forgotten a big reason for the financial collapse when many people bought homes they simply couldn’t afford. Not only did this hurt the people who lost their homes through foreclosure, but it also had a huge impact on homeowners who responsibly bought and owned homes as a result of large drops in home values.

I acknowledge that many of the actions of Congress are reprehensible (on both sides), but I applaud any action that serves to improve our government’s financial posture and reduce our debt.

Judy Vinitsky, Cary

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