Jerrold Heyman: Numbers don’t add up

November 11, 2013 

Asking HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius to resign over the website failure is more in the mold of the Japanese company culture than anything we have here in United States (“A desperate GOP,” Nov. 8 editorial). As an IT professional, I believe that eventually those problems will be mitigated, not by Nov. 30, but at some future point.

Sebilius should be held accountable for writing the rule that narrowed the definition of the grandfather clause that was passed in the original legislation. Remember, the argument is that it’s “settled law” – unfortunately what is being implemented wasn’t what was passed. The fact that HHS’s own analysis (2010) pointed that 65 percent of the individual policies and up to 69 percent of the “employer” plans would not qualify to be grandfathered.

What is happening today was not a surprise, I would argue it was planned in order to force the healthy people to pay higher rates into the insurance pool that now covers everyone. There was never any possibility that 30 million additional people could be covered and people’s rates would go down $2,500 per year. That was and is a mathematical impossibility. Adding $0 to the deficit is another impossibility – unless the “tax” increases more.

Jerrold Heyman


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