Victoria Gerig: Medicaid benefits would help N.C. residents

November 13, 2013 

It is not too late for North Carolina to assert states’ rights to control health reform. The states that claimed states’ rights to develop and administer their own health exchanges are successfully signing up their residents. Also, those states are providing a more competitive market and offering more choices to their residents. The reasons are obvious: They have less data to integrate in the website process and the insurance companies have more certainty about the regulatory climate.

Instead, North Carolina residents are punished by inaction. Certainly this is a time when states’ rights should have been claimed and would have worked for North Carolinians. Gov. Pat McCrory can call a special session for the General Assembly to correct this. At the same time, the General Assembly can extend Medicaid benefits since it is clear that premiums for the rest of us are lower in states that have a state exchange and have extended Medicaid benefits to the working poor.

Victoria Gerig

Chair, League of Women Voters of Wake County


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