Raleigh should review cap on road races

November 13, 2013 

Being against road races, meaning the ones on two feet, is akin to saying, “And while I’m at it, I’m not crazy about your Mom’s apple pie or for that matter, your Mom.” The races in most cases benefit a worthy charity, they’re family events, and they obviously involve a good thing, exercise.

But has Raleigh reached the point where its 100-event cap on races and parades is too high, or where there are too many races in the same neighborhoods? It’s something the Raleigh City Council is looking at, and it should.

There are so many races and special events now held in the Capital City that an office with three staff positions has been approved and will handle all the logistics for races and other events and the approval process.

These races raise money for good causes and the people behind them are answering needs of all kinds. They’re driven, dedicated and admirable folks, to be sure.

But the events are not “free” to the city. Police are needed to handlestreet closures, which can get complicated. And council member Mary-Ann Baldwin cited the importance of studying where the races are held. As an at-large council member, she gets calls from people who want to know why there are so many street closings in their neighborhood.

A little disruption for a good cause is fine. But city officials need to consider policies that will protect the rights and the tranquility to which race “neighbors” are certainly entitled.

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