Phil and Lynne Seymour: Social programs benefit GOP too

November 14, 2013 

In the Oct. 30 letter “Sweet tea,” a self-proclaimed “tea party” member decries the president’s “socialist law passed against the will of the people by Democrats.” The letter-writer appears to be referring to the Affordable Care Act. He conveniently forgets that he and his tea party followers benefit from two highly popular “socialistic” programs run by the federal government and instituted by Democratic presidents: Social Security and Medicare.

And as with the ACA, earlier conservatives had decried both of these social insurance programs as “socialistic” and “unworkable,” too. Yet tea party members, as with earlier generations of conservatives, cheerfully receive and enjoy these “socialist” benefits. I guess a program is “socialistic” only if the government is to provide benefits to someone else whom conservatives consider “less deserving.”

And remember those tea party rallies with the “seniors” waving signs saying “get the government out of my health care”? Stop and think about this for a moment – honestly. The federal government is their health care! Do these people refuse to allow Medicare to cover their medical treatment? No. Do they refuse their Social Security payments? No. Ironic isn’t it? (And not a little hypocritical.)

Phil and Lynne Seymour

New Bern

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