Hobbies: Family recipes make special scrapbook

Scripps-Howard News ServiceNovember 15, 2013 

A recipe scrapbook is not all that different from a scrapbook filled with photos. Make signature dishes and feature the recipes, as well as photos of the food, in your book.


I never learned how to cook (I store art supplies in my oven), so I was slow to realize that family recipes are almost as special as family photos. Like photos, recipes that are handed down from generation to generation are treasured family heirlooms and should be saved as such.

Most family members have a signature dish that they are known for and that is anticipated during the holidays, so why not create a special scrapbook that features these treasured recipes?

A recipe scrapbook is no different from a scrapbook filled with photos. In fact, I would include photos of the food preparation and photos of the loved ones who correspond to their dishes, as well as souvenirs like wine labels and package ingredients. If possible, try to include price stickers. In years to come, it will be fun to compare prices of the ingredients.

If you are lucky enough to have the original recipes, handwritten by the chefs, you can place them in envelopes, attached to each page. This makes it simple to remove the recipe in case you want to try making the dish yourself.

I like to label the cover of the scrapbook with a metal file label, attached with brads, that holds either a mini photo of one of the dishes or a representation of food with a sticker or die cut.

It’s helpful to introduce the scrapbook’s theme with a title page that features a funky checkerboard created by hand-cutting pieces that are not perfectly square and attaching them in a checkered pattern. And if you want to embellish the page with food-themed die cuts and stickers, you’ll find everything from soup to nuts at any craft store.

It’s handy to divide the inside pages into chapters with a pocket on each chapter page that identifies the contents of each section, such as Soups and Salads, Entrees and Desserts.

Fill the rest of the album pages with photos, themed embellishments and journal entries that evoke memories of the cherished dishes and the special people who made them.


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