Ex-boyfriend testifies Crystal Mangum threatened to kill him

CorrespondentNovember 15, 2013 

— Over her attorney’s objection, Crystal Mangum’s former boyfriend testified Friday that Mangum threatened to kill him with a knife 14 months before she stabbed Reginald Daye.

Mangum is on trial for murder in the death of Daye. She stabbed Daye on April 3, 2011, and he died 10 days later at Duke Hospital. She is claiming self-defense.

Milton Walker testified that he and Mangum dated on and off for 17 years after he met her at Little Caesars Pizza, where he worked with Mangum’s sister and cousin.

“It was like love at first sight,” he said. “We clicked real good.”

Years later, he moved into Mangum’s duplex apartment.

When asked what happened about a month of two after he moved in, Walker turned to the judge. “I don’t really want to testify against her, your honor,” he said. “I don’t feel comfortable testifying against my friend.”

Little groans

Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway told Walker he had to answer the questions, and for about 30 seconds, he just let out little groans.

However, after prodding by Assistant District Attorney Charlene Franks, he told the whole story without Franks having to ask him many more questions.

The two returned from the drugstore on Feb. 17, 2010, and after eating, he took a shower, he said.

When he came out of the shower, she told him she wanted to end the relationship, and as he called his father to ask for help in moving out, she began saying that his penis was small and that she wanted to take a picture of it and put it on the Internet, Walker said.

Walker admitted he and Mangum were laughing about her comments, but then she grabbed his pants and started to pull them down, so he pushed her off, he said.

“She started swinging her arms,” he said. “I grabbed her by the neck and held her down. She was like, ‘Let me go. Let me go.’ I was like, ‘Not until you calm down.’”

Walker said he held her down for about five seconds and then ran into the living room. She first grabbed a chair and then a step stool and tried to hit him with them. He threw both of them to the side, and then she ran to the kitchen proclaiming she had something for him, Walker said.

He heard the “clinkling” sound of silverware, he said.

Walker said he ran out of the apartment on the cold night wearing only a pair of sweatpants and hid behind a building.

A bit later, he saw police cars at the apartment and went back over. While the police officers were there investigating, Mangum came charging down the hallway and launched herself over a female police officer screaming she was going to stab him and kill him, he said. Later, as police took them out of the apartment, Walker said he saw the windshield of his car had been smashed and all four tires had been cut.

Burning clothes

What the jury did not hear, under order of the judge, was that Mangum’s three children were in the house and that an officer found Walker’s clothes burning in the bathtub in the house.

As Walker finished his testimony, Mangum’s attorney, Daniel Meier, asked whether he was at the scene of Daye’s stabbing.

“I don’t even know what that case has to do with this case because I’ve forgiven her,” he said. “They forced me to come out here. They said I had to come. This is just because some court wants to prove some case about something. It’s not relevant.”

Earlier, Meier had made the same objection but was overruled by the judge.

After Walker finished testifying, police officers testified that they went to the apartment and that Mangum did charge down the hallway screaming she was going to stab and kill Walker.

Testimony is scheduled to continue Monday morning.

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