Lou Meyers: Medicare for all

November 15, 2013 

It’s a real shame Gov. Pat McCrory passed on the Medicaid expansion for N.C. Sure, depriving 500,000 North Carolinians of health care is unconscionable and sending our hard-earned tax dollars to cover expansions in other states is an act of pure fiscal insanity, but by opting out, it now seems, we are missing out on the only aspect of the Obamacare roll out that is not an unmitigated train wreck.

In forward-thinking states, the sign-up process for this government-run program is tooting along just fine. It’s the private insurance part of Obamacare that’s hit the wall! Why is this so difficult?

The Marist Poll indicates 70 percent of tea party supporters want to protect Medicare (another government-run plan). And we know how progressives feel. So let’s roll everything into one plug-and-play, single-payer plan (Medicare for all) and be done with it.

As for health insurance companies, they’ve been turning us down for decades. It’s well past time we turn them down – once and for all.

Lou Meyers


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