Donna Barger: Deadlines needed for teaching

November 16, 2013 

According to the author of the Nov. 10 letter “Overrated grades,” I”m supposed to send a child to college or into today’s workforce who does not respect a deadline nor do they understand quality of work. The author seems to think “flexibility” and “creativity” is what keeps employees hired in the 21st century.

So if the writer is right then I can tell my students to not worry about deadlines, just turn in that project whenever they want. I am sure future professors and bosses won’t care when it gets done as long as they are creative. That’s what we reward in our competitive global economy now-a-days? Absolutely not!

What teachers value and encourage is not only getting the job done in time, but the creative approach to the project and flexibility in understanding the different ways students can approach the product. Quality counts and not having any tangible source tied to outcomes (grades) is a real concern. Ask any employer if they value a creative, quality product done in the expected time frame, or a creative product turned in whenever the worker felt like it?

Students thrive on challenges and just turning in anything, anytime under the guise of creativity and flexibility undermines everyone.

Donna Barger


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