Donald Prush: Teacher solutions

November 16, 2013 

My wife and I sent our three children to public schools and for the most part had no complaints about their education or training. However we can summarize our experiences in a few simple thoughts.

First, excellent teachers deserve excellent salaries. Second, every school has incompetent teachers who should be fired. And finally, every school has children who either do not have the ability or the desire to learn because of their social environment at home.

We have a few simple suggestions for improvement: Give the teachers a pay raise. – five or six years with no raise is degrading to those teachers who are dedicated; eliminate tenure, and put the teachers on annual contracts (In this manner, incompetent teachers can be weeded out); and clean out all the state administrative layers in the school system and put the authority down in the counties and the local voters.

Donald Prush

Holly Springs

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