Diana's moon lights the season of the hunt

November 16, 2013 

There is no better month than November to see and feel our surroundings change. The days noticeably shorten and the sun’s rays slant in the window at a fast-shifting angle. The hours of darkness grow longer, winds blow, thermometers shiver and falling leaves reveal a clear view of the heavens.

November nights were made for stargazing. Our sister planet, Venus, has for several weeks been gleaming bright in the southwest skies in the early evening hours. However she soon will be overwhelmed by the silver light of November’s moon now achieving its full brilliance.

The full moon of November, over many centuries, has been recognized as Diana’s moon. As goddess of the hunt, of wild animals and woodlands, she understands and converses with wildlife. But also serving as the light of the sky, she reminds us the time has come when the rabbit and beaver furs are at their prime and the weather is cool enough for preservation of meats and waterfowl.

Like a queen coming forth, Diana shall from behind the slow opening curtains of clouds ascend in regal beauty to her midnight throne. Under her scepter the time will lead to the annual opening of the season’s most magnificent celestial shows.

Diana’s retinue of celestial attendants is ever changing; witness the summer’s great dipper now hanging low, Cassiopeia reclining in her royal throne high overhead, while our brightest star, Sirius, impatiently waits to lift over the eastern horizon by midnight.

The romance of stargazing need not be smothered beneath scholarly musing and mathematics. With such dry facts some unimaginative modern astronomers seek to bury the ancient tales of those who watched and dreamed as the distant and silent stars followed their unaltered courses through the eons.

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