Neighbor heard Mangum, boyfriend arguing before stabbing

CorrespondentNovember 18, 2013 

— A neighbor of Reginald Daye testified she heard Daye yell for Crystal Mangum to leave him alone on the night he was stabbed.

“I did hear him say, ‘Leave me alone,’ or ‘Get the hell out,’” said Aykia Hanes, who lived in the apartment next to Daye.

Mangum is on trial for murder in the death of Daye. She stabbed him during a domestic argument during the early morning hours of April 3, 2011, and he died at Duke Hospital on April 13, 2011.

Hanes said she often heard Daye and Mangum screaming at each other and often heard thumps on the wall as though someone was being thrown up against it.

On the morning of April 3, 2011, they were at it again. She did not hear either one call for help during the fight, she said.

Earlier a police officer testified he heard Daye accuse Mangum of taking $700 from him shortly before the stabbing.

Durham police officer Curtis Knight testified he was in the parking lot of the apartment complex during the early-morning hours because a car was going to be towed away. He saw Mangum and Daye arrive in a car, get out and walk toward his car.

Mangum asked him if he recognized her, and he said no, so she reminded him that he had helped her with a previous domestic-violence case, Knight testified. The couple then walked into the apartment but a short time later, Mangum came out and sat on the steps. Daye came out, they talked and they walked back inside, he said.

Mangum came out of the apartment a second time followed by Daye, who was shouting at Mangum to give him his $700, Knight said.

Knight told the pair to quit yelling in the parking lot and go back inside, he said. He told Daye he could go to the magistrate’s office and take out a warrant against Mangum if he thought she had taken his money.

Shortly after that, the wrecker arrived, towed the car and Knight left, he said.

A short time later, he was dispatched back to the apartment because of a report of a stabbing. He found Daye inside the apartment, bleeding from his chest.

“He told me he had been stabbed with a knife,” Knight said.

When Knight asked Daye who had stabbed him, he said, “Crystal Mangum,” Knight said.

Knife photographs

During the morning session, a crime-scene investigator showed the jury photographs he took inside of Daye’s apartment after Daye was taken to the hospital.

One showed a sharp serrated steak knife, a knife handle and knife blade on the tan couch. Other photos showed similar steak knives and broken knives scattered throughout the apartment, including several in the master bedroom.

Some photos showed unbroken knives, some showed blades and handles and others showed knife blades that had been broken in half.

Crime-scene analyst Almon Brown took several photographs of the bathroom, where Mangum, according to Mangum’s attorney, Daniel Meier, went to try to get away from Daye.

The top of the bathroom door appeared to be pulled away from the door frame and it had been pulled off the hinge, Brown said.

A strike plate for the door lock was on the floor of the bathroom, as well as a small clump of hair.

Meier told the jury that Daye broke down the door to get to Mangum and then pulled her out of the bathroom by the hair before she stabbed him.


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