Everett E. Dodd Jr.: Bike riders must follow rules

November 18, 2013 

I ride a bike. I drive a car. I rarely “drive” my bike on streets, but when I do I obey traffic rules.

When in my car, I do not begrudge slower speeds when encountering a cyclist. What I do begrudge is cyclists who, while claiming the protection of traffic laws, abuse the same. Like the one who blew through a stop sign in front of me a few days ago. Or the guy on Lassiter Mill Road last week riding his bike in a car lane where a bicycle lane was prominently present. Or the one I recognized as an employee of a local bike shop passing me on the right at a light when I was signaling for a right turn. I saw him, fortunately, from the corner of my eye despite the darkness thus avoiding the likely result of a dead or injured bike rider.

The laws are there for the benefit of all of us. Car or bike, obey them or get off the road.

Everett E. Dodd Jr.


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