Quick Fix for 2

Nuts add richness and crunch to fish dinner

November 19, 2013 

Fresh parsley and pine nuts top quickly broiled grouper. Hot, spicy peanuts add a crunchy kick to 10-minute brown rice and broccoli for this 15-minute dinner.

When fish is really fresh, it needs only a few minutes to cook. One way to determine freshness is to ask when the fish was put on display. If buying a whole fish, be sure the eyes are clear and the gills red. A fillet should be firm and spring back when touched.

Helpful hints

• Any type of non-oily fish fillet can be used. To check for doneness, stick the point of a knife into the flesh. If the flesh is opaque, it is ready.

• Green beans, zucchini or another green vegetable can be used instead of broccoli.


• Heat broiler.

• Make rice.

• Broil fish.

• While fish and rice cook, make herb topping.

Shopping list

Here are the ingredients you'll need.

To buy: 3/4 pound grouper fillet, 1 package pine nuts, 1 bunch parsley, 1 package quick-cooking (10 minute) brown rice, 1/2 pound broccoli florets, 1 container unsalted peanuts, 1 bottle cayenne.

Staples: olive oil, salt and black peppercorns

Miami Herald

Gassenheimer: dinnerinminutes.com.

Herb-crusted Grouper Olive oil spray 3/4 pound grouper fillet 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 tablespoons pine nuts 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley Salt and freshly ground pepper

HEAT broiler. Line a baking sheet with foil and spray it with olive oil spray. Place grouper on sheet and spray with olive oil spray. Place sheet under boiler 3 to 4 inches from heat source. Broil 3 minutes, turn and broil 4 minutes for 1/2-inch-thick fillet.

HEAT oil in a small skillet over medium heat and add pine nuts. Saute 1 minute or until pine nuts start to turn golden. Remove from heat and toss with parsley. Remove grouper from broiler and divide between 2 dinner plates. Add salt and pepper to taste. Spoon pine nuts and herbs on top.

Yield: 2 servings. Per serving: 242 calories (37 percent from fat), 9.8 g fat (1.6 g saturated, 4.7 g monounsaturated), 60 mg cholesterol, 35.2 g protein, 2.1 g carbohydrates, 0.7 g fiber, 96 mg sodium. Hot-Spicy Brown Rice 2 cups water 1/2 cup quick-cooking (10-minute) brown rice 1/2 pound broccoli florets (about 3 cups) 2 tablespoons unsalted peanuts 1/8 teaspoon cayenne 2 teaspoons olive oil Salt and freshly ground pepper

PLACE water in a medium saucepan over high heat. Add rice and broccoli and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and cover. Simmer 10 minutes. Water should be absorbed and rice cooked. If water runs dry, add a little more to allow rice to finish cooking.

TOSS peanuts with cayenne. Remove rice from heat and add the peanuts, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

Yield: 2 servings. Per serving: 275 calories (35 percent from fat), 10.5 g fat (1.3 g saturated, 5.6 g monounsaturated), no cholesterol, 9.5 g protein, 40.8 g carbohydrates, 2.8 g fiber, 35 mg sodium.

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