Melissa Galbraith: Can’t afford to teach in N.C.

November 19, 2013 

I’d like to thank you for your excellent coverage and focus on teacher pay in both the front-page headlines and in the editorial section.

I’m a teacher who moved from Florida over three years ago because I wanted a better educational environment for my own children. Had I known that I wasn’t going to get a raise, I probably would not have relocated here. When my husband graduates from N.C. State next fall with an education degree, we will most likely cross the border (almost any one of them) to get a $10,000 pay raise. The brain drain is already starting, and good educators will be the first to go.

We can’t even afford to live in the neighborhood I teach in because the rent is too high. We moved from a nice house in Holly Springs to a trailer house in Chatham County because we chose to have another child, and day care plus rent equals broke. We are past the point of frustration with our monthly budget so I guess our only choice is to leave. We really like the schools and people here, but we refuse to go into debt in order to survive.

If you keep exposing the reality, I hope change is possible.

Melissa Galbraith


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