Stephanie Jurney: Assistance needed

November 19, 2013 

I agree with J. Peder Zane in his Nov. 6 column “Choosing who we are, thanks to Obamacare” that this new law forces us as a country to decide who we are. But the choice we’re making is whether we’re a country that will allow its citizens to go bankrupt after a catastrophic illness or accident.

While Zane points out the obvious – the law and its rollout have major problems to address – he fails to acknowledge the whole reason the law was enacted. A marginalizing term like “goodies” implies that needed health care reform is just so much swag rather than an attempt to insure the previously uninsured and protect many from abuses by private insurers.

The ACA has a long way to go before it starts to solve our problem, but it’s a first step. And a discussion about the widespread need for government assistance is one we need to have, but let’s start by admitting that the need for assistance arises not so much because people want to be taken care of but because the current system actively works against them.

Stephanie Jurney


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