Maggie O’Keeffe: McCrorys’ care goes to the dogs

November 19, 2013 

Regarding Ann McCrory’s remarks in the Nov. 17 news story “Puppy love thrives in Raleigh”: I must say I was stunned.

“Our goal here today is, of course, to raise awareness in terms of basic care and standards for these wonderful ...” (fill in the blanks: veterans, disabled, chronically ill, homeless). “What we really need is some institutional backing like ...” (fill in the blanks: churches, volunteer missions, food banks). “We’re just asking for basic standards of water, food, care and warmth ...”

Amazing how Mrs. McCrory expresses more concern for animals than humans. How much more noble and compassionate to transfer that concern for puppies’ well-being to people living in our state who are suffering due to circumstances beyond their control. When all of humanity is well-cared for, then there will be the energy and resources to expand the same to animals. No sane person wishes animal suffering, but, please, let the priority be care of human needs first.

Maggie O’Keeffe


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