Henry Frey: Charters not solution

November 20, 2013 

State Rep. Paul Stam’s Nov. 20 letter “More charters” is proof positive that the Republicans are out to undermine public education by diverting taxpayer money to charter schools. Charter schools increase segregation and divert resources from woefully underfunded traditional schools. Charter schools do not provide many of the services that traditional public schools do, thus leaving traditional schools with increasing expenses for children for whom charters are not a viable option – expenses for which the GOP refuses to pay while also engaging in a gratuitous war on our hardworking public school teachers.

Many charters are simply flaky experiments at taxpayer expense. While some charter schools are excellent, most are not. There is no evidence that charters as a whole provide a “better” education than traditional schools. If there are so many “stifling” rules for public schools, as Stam alleged, why not make the traditional schools better? But those “stifling” rules include things like feeding the kids, providing transportation and providing textbooks, which charters don’t do.

There needs to be strict accountability any time hard-earned taxpayer money is used to benefit a special interest group favored by a political party. We won’t see such accountability under current GOP leadership.

Henry Frey, Raleigh

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