James and Bertha Rogers: Ferreira an asset to Cary

November 22, 2013 

Regarding Sean Ferreira and the Nov. 20 news article “For a few public employees, checks come with a bonus”: Our kids have attended clinics and tournaments at Cary Tennis Park for over 10 years, and much of that time was before Sean Ferreira arrived. They both have gone on to play college tennis on full scholarships.

Sean has done an outstanding job with the center and has earned whatever he is paid. Many programs have been added, college tournaments are routine and the junior program is one of the best in the Southeast. It is an outstanding facility. Sean does more than just manage the facility; he comes out and hits with the junior players when he can. With his temperament and knowledge, he was born for this job. He deserves whatever salary/bonus the city has agreed to pay.

In fact, we need more incentive- and achievement-based public jobs. Sean’s work has generated mountains of income for the area, and our community is a much better place because of him. Also, you can’t compare a manager at other facilities to Cary Tennis Park and Sean. It’s comparing apples to oranges. There are only a few tennis centers in the country that can be compared to CTP, and Sean is the reason for that.

James and Bertha Rogers


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