Toronto’s mayor gives a bad name to ... well, mayoring

November 22, 2013 

One native Raleighite of our acquaintance, a man of young years, was heard to tell his mates, “Well, the problem is, Raleigh’s a nice place to live, but you wouldn’t want to visit there.”

Others who find the Capital City a bit low-key have said that in world of colors, Raleigh would be beige.

Toronto, Canada, is not beige. It is known as a clean, big city with a low crime rate and a host of architectural and cultural attractions.

But in the last few weeks, the city’s mayor, Rob Ford, a burly guy with reddish blond hair and a tireless grin, has brought a considerable amount of embarrassment to those in the North Country. There was his admission that he had abused crack cocaine, probably while in a “drunken stupor.” Wow. That’s a little like saying, “Yeah, I ate the parakeet, but I was distracted because I was kicking the dog at the time.”

Ford watched helplessly as he was stripped of his powers as mayor and then his staff started to bolt. Canadian singing icon Gordon Lightfoot has been joking on tour that he and the members of his band are from Toronto, but “we don’t smoke crack.”

It calls to mind that comment about Raleigh’s being dull. We do acknowledge that after 10 years under Mayor Charles “Mild-Mannered” Meeker, folks might get that idea. And current Mayor Nancy McFarlane also is soft-spoken. Likewise most members of the City Council.

On the other hand, we don’t have to worry about crack smoking on the part of city officials. Or drunken stupors.

Beige? We’ll take it. And it goes with everything.

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