Tom Clere: Don’t overreact to ACA

November 23, 2013 

Regarding Charles Krauthammer’s Nov. 15 column “Why liberals are panicked about ACA,” his contention that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is “the embodiment of his new entitlement-state liberalism” is overstated

Working through the individual states and private insurers, this plan is a far cry from the single-payer plans beloved of liberals and adopted by other modern countries. And the only “entitlement” is the conviction that all of us deserve access to quality medical care. Our country is having a collective nervous breakdown over this issue right now. Judgments made in haste are apt to be wrong.

At least a few states like Kentucky and Washington are having success with their plans. Shouldn’t we have the perspective of six months before we render a verdict, whether for or against?

Tom Clere


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