Mary Katherine Lawrence: ACA helps young adults

November 23, 2013 

My 24-year-old son, who is not yet fully employed, became ill with meningitis this fall and required a five-day hospitalization. The bill: $47,000.

For a young person just starting out, this would have been a financial burden that would be difficult to surmount. Fortunately, due to the Affordable Care Act, children under age 26 can now be covered under their parents’ health insurance. The cost of his hospitalization was a $4,000 co-payment. This aspect of the ACA did not require a website or health care navigator. It became the law once the bill was passed and signed by President Obama. Numerous families have benefited, and it just makes sense.

My wish for the ACA is that we continue to work to make rising health care costs make sense in today’s economy. Young people can get serious, unexpected illnesses that require intensive health care intervention. Chronic illness will bankrupt people, and they used to find themselves non-insurable until the ACA made pre-existing illness no longer relevant.

Let’s encourage legislators to work for and not against affordable health care for all Americans.

Mary Katherine Lawrence

Morehead City

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