Lee Hortman: Colossal liberal failure

November 24, 2013 

There were two news stories on the Nov. 15 front page of significance. One was about President Obama’s backing off his liberal ideal of Obamacare (“Obama changes course on coverage”), and the other was about the Wake County school board backing off its liberal ideal “no zero” policy (“School board backs off ban on zero grades”).

So, progressive liberals come up with a couple of whacked-out ideas, force them on an unwilling populace and then when their ridiculous ideas don’t work, they simply back off. Will there be any sort of consequences for these failures? Will we finally learn that liberal ideas don’t work? Will we finally abandon progressive policy? The answer to all this is, sadly, no. Liberalism is a siren song that too many people cannot resist. Stay tuned for more liberal failure with no consequences.

Lee Hortman


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