Dale Gibson: Federico working to save animals

November 26, 2013 

A petition started by animal rights advocates calling for the resignation of Dr. Jennifer Federico as director of the Wake County Animal Shelter is a misinformed attack on one of our community’s best hopes for saving and improving the lives of homeless animals (Nov. 24 news story).

Recently retired, I have made it one of my missions to work to increase the number of live outcomes at the Wake County shelter. I feared I would confront resistance from the shelter staff. That has proved to be far from the case. “Dr. Jenn” is a multi-talented individual, a veterinary doctor with the spirit, drive and smarts to produce more live outcomes. Already, under Dr. Jenn’s guidance, euthanasia procedures have been reduced by 5 percent.

Volunteer rescuers are great, but they have the ability to say “no” when their cages are full. Dr. Jenn and her staff have to accept all animals put at their door. And when the cages are full, tough decisions have to be made. Progress in saving lives is assured under Federico. If those who are working against her would join hands with her, even more progress could be made, and it could happen even more quickly.

Dale Gibson


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