Movie Mashup Game: A Thanksgiving feast

CorrespondentNovember 27, 2013 

This edition of the Movie Mashup Game celebrates Thanksgiving with a food-themed journey through Hollywood history. If you think you have the right answers, send them to by midnight on Dec. 1. One winner will receive a food-themed DVD/Blu-ray gift pack, including “Kentucky Fried Movie,” the documentary “The Fruit Hunters” and the 1987 Oscar winner “Babette’s Feast,” in addition to a copy of the new book “Infographic Guide to the Movies.”

The object: The blurbs below combine the titles of two or more well-known movies. Can you guess the new mash-up movie title?

Example: Michael J. Fox stars as a time-traveling teenager in this second installment of George Lucas’ original space opera trilogy.

Answer: The Empire Strikes Back to the Future

Note: At least one of the films in each item has a reference to food or drink in the title. As an added challenge this time around, several items combine movies by mixing the titles together, instead of just having two titles in sequence. For example, “The Breakfast at Tiffany’s Club.” Answers will be published in the Dec. 6 Weekend section.

1 Kathy Bates and Mary-Louise Parker headline this failed horror-comedy hybrid in which psychotic vegetables (fruit, technically) invade Whistle Stop, Alabama.

2 Seth Rogan and James Franco star as pothead detectives investigating death on a passenger train, as Agatha Christie spins in her grave.

3 A complete tonal misfire, this screwball comedy about interracial marriage stars Sidney Poitier as a young doctor and Steve Carell as a doofus IRS employee.

4 Don Knotts spends the night in a spooky house haunted by the ghost of Mel Gibson’s claymation rooster.

5 Tom Joad teams with Captain Kirk to fight Ricardo Montalban.

6 Jerry Lee Lewis goes to summer camp with Bill Murray.

7 Francis Ford Coppola’s incoherent tale of Tulsa gang kids and London jewel heists stars Matt Dillon, John Cleese, Mickey Rourke and Jamie Lee Curtis as Motorcycle Boy.

8 Gary Oldman and Matt LeBlanc star in this ill-conceived reboot of the 1960s sci-fi series, with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

9 Kirk Douglas and Jules Verne meet Tobey Maguire and thoroughbred Horse of the Year, 1938.

10 Confectionery industrialist Gene Wilder and Warhol-era starlet Edie Sedgwick set out to rescue a captive orca, for some reason. (three films)

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