Liz Kazal: Officials see fracking worries

November 28, 2013 

The Nov. 21 Under the Dome piece “Lawmakers study fracking in Arkansas” is further proof that fracking is a dangerous form of drilling that should be kept out of North Carolina.

Given that this is the third trip that lawmakers have taken to view sites, I would think that Sen. Bob Rucho’s fact finding should conclude that fracking cannot be done safely. In Arkansas alone, over a dozen families reported drinking water contamination and are suing the company that plans to help our lawmakers craft the regulations on fracking here.

I would hope that our lawmakers can see that places like Jordan Lake and the Eno River are too precious to risk, and use other states like Pennsylvania and Arkansas as cautionary tales of what we can expect if we allow this dangerous drilling into our state. I call on Gov. Pat McCrory and the General Assembly to read the writing on the wall when it comes to fracking and pass a permanent ban on fracking. Our clean waters aren’t worth the risk.

Liz Kazal


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