Thomas F. Kline: BCBS profiteering

November 28, 2013 

There is a difference between health care profit and health care profiteering. In 37 years of practice, I have witnessed an alarming shift toward profiteering. Articles abound of drug companies paying billions for lying to doctors, hospitals shamefully overcharging sick people, rampant over-utilization of services by doctors and immoral health insurers selling policies with benefits purposely deleted.

The federal health care law tries for the first time to address this profiteering by cleaning up, for one, dishonesty in health insurance. For expediency’s sake, the president and nervous legislators are caving in, letting people keep banned, inadequate policies.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.C. is profiteering by overcharging for substandard policies in the first place and now is greedily trying to increase the cost of “keeping your insurance” for those same inadequate policies. Thanks to inaction by our backward state government, Blue Cross is the only game in town. It will do and charge whatever it wishes. No wonder Blue Cross has a treasury of over a billion dollars in free cash.

We need to support all federal laws and assure all sick people will be taken care of, not cheated and left out.

Thomas F. Kline


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