Q&A: Carolina Panthers K Graham Gano

November 30, 2013 


Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano enjoys ‘Duck Dynasty’ and ‘New Girl.’ He enjoys that you know one of those facts.

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10 questions about life away from football with Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano:

Q. So you’re from Pensacola. Did you grow up a Bucs fan at all?

A. Not at all. I grew up a Cowboys fan, and when I was with the Redskins obviously I couldn’t say that. Mainly because my dad was a Cowboys fan growing up. Every day when the Cowboys played we’d watch it on TV.

Q. You went to Florida State, but were you a Seminoles fan?

A. Oh yeah. Same thing, because my dad was a fan. I wasn’t a football fan in general because I was more of a soccer guy. My dad was a football guy and I just followed the teams he followed.

Q. How did Bobby Bowden recruit you?

A. I went to FSU’s football camp for three years and started getting recognized. Bowden comes in, sits down on my dad’s recliner, throws his leg over the side and just sits back and talks the whole time and didn’t even mention football once. I think that’s when I knew I really wanted to go to Florida State.

Q. Did you actually kick a 70-yard field goal in high school?

A. I think it was 68. But the other team had a penalty so we took the first down and it didn’t count.

Q. FSU has you, Sebastian Janikowski and Dustin Hopkins all in the NFL as starting kickers. Why?

A. I don’t know. We’re known for the “wide right” and “wide left” but I feel like one of the main reasons I wanted to go there was to kind of break that string of jinxes.

Q. Do you think they have a chance to beat Alabama should the two teams play in the national title game?

A. Definitely. Without a doubt. I’d be crazy if I said they didn’t have a chance.

Q. FSU will play the ACC title game here next week, but you guys will be on the road to New Orleans. Will you hate missing that?

A. I was talking to one of the coaches with the team recently and I think they get in Thursday so I’ll be able to come out and watch them practice. But we have another big game to worry about that next day so I’m happy to miss that game.

Q. We had a Twitter back-and-forth once about ‘Duck Dynasty.’ Is that one of your favorite shows?

A. Yeah. I haven’t watched it recently, but I love that show. I love ‘Swamp People,’ too. Those are more my type of people from down in the Florida Panhandle.

Q. What else do you watch?

A. We watch ‘New Girl’ every week. But I don’t know if you want to report that. We used to watch ‘NCIS’ all the time. And ‘Duck Dynasty’ is on DVR.

Q. I notice you have on your wedding band after practice. Do you kick with it on during games?

A. I’ve seen Jay Feeley do it. I wear it all the time. I don’t take it off unless I’m lifting.

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