Carl Meredith: Obama blew chance

December 1, 2013 

There should be some U.S. national award for “Gaffe of the Republic,” the most spectacular miss of a political opportunity since 1776. Hands down, this would be the Obama administration’s not caving on the Republican (Speaker John Boehner and the tea party) demand to postpone the Affordable Care Act implementation for one year.

Had the president done that after the first day of the government shutdown, he could have gotten lots of mileage from saving vacations and avoiding burdening a couple of million families with deferred pay and layoffs. He would have given that feckless Canadian company another year to get the ACA website running, and the negative effects of policy cancellations wouldn’t have been visible until just after the 2014 elections.

I couldn’t believe the GOP served this option to him on a silver platter and then couldn’t believe Obama didn’t jump on it.

Carl Meredith


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