Mary Sullivan: Obamacare easy to enroll

December 1, 2013 

Obamacare works! I signed up recently on the health care website in less than 30 minutes. The application was easy to follow, and I had several choices of plans. Most important, because I qualified for a subsidy, the plan fits into my fixed senior citizen budget.

For us seniors who are old enough for Social Security but too young for Medicare (and there are many of us here in North Carolina), Obamacare is a blessing.

So for all those who say Obamacare is wrong, doesn’t work and won’t save subscribers money, I’m living proof that it does work and does save money. Don’t listen to the scary ads on television that contain misleading or totally false information. It’s about time the richest country in the world made health care available and affordable to all its citizens. The Affordable Health Care Act is the first step toward making this a reality.

Mary Sullivan


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