Charlotte Bobcats - Miami Heat Observations

December 1, 2013 

• Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra had huge praise for the Bobcats post-game in a way that didn’t sound like obligatory coach-speak.

“Charlotte put us in that situation (down 14),” Spoelstra said. “They played aggressively, they played well, they moved the ball and they made shots.”

• There weren’t many Bobcats fans in attendance at American Airlines Arena Sunday, but the one in the Panthers jersey, just above Section 106, was a hoot.

He screamed at the top of his lungs every time the Bobcats did something right – particularly when Kemba Walker scored – and he was so funny and charming, he actually had some Heat fans applauding his act.

• There’s increased concern these days about NBA coaches (and coaches in general) potentially interfering with game action by stepping onto the field of play. Someone asked Spoelstra about that before the game, and he offered a funny story: That he was so far out on the court in one Finals game that the NBA showed video of it three straight years at the preseason coaches meeting. Spoelstra said he asked the league to stop using him as an example of what not to do.

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