Scott Josephs: A ‘bad’ deal

December 2, 2013 

You need to be held accountable for the rhetoric in your Nov. 27 editorial “A good deal” on the Iran nuclear deal.

In supporting this deal, you stated, “That Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately declared the agreement a ‘historic mistake’ only confirms that it wasn’t.” In other words, you are stating that the deal must be a good one because Netanyahu opposes it. You flagrantly dismiss rational concerns about this deal. This is a highly charged issue given Iran’s history of state-sponsored terrorism and continued refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Although I agree that negotiation is critical and support such discussions, it is clear that a deal that allows Iran to rapidly ramp up its uranium enrichment capability without verification might be a bad one and, at least, requires broad conversation. To dismiss opposing views simply because there are opposing views highlights a potential anti-Israeli bias.

Israel lives under an existential threat daily with an implacable enemy who calls for its destruction. Skepticism of a deal that helps Iran circumvent effective sanctions is reasonable; your response was not.

Scott Josephs

Chapel Hill

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