Charlie Board: N.C. still losing jobs

December 4, 2013 

In his Dec. 4 letter “Progress on job creation the real news,” Gov. Pat McCrory made the claim that “Since this time last year, North Carolina has gained approximately 80,000 jobs.” As has been the case so often when the governor speaks, the data say otherwise.

According to the monthly N.C. Department of Commerce employment release from Nov. 22, there were 4,328,649 employed North Carolinians in October (the most recent data available). Compare that with the 4,342,312 figure for the same month in 2012, and we can see that in truth North Carolina has lost more than 13,000 jobs during a period when the nation as a whole has seen job growth!

Beyond McCrory’s penchant for tall tales, one has to wonder how he thinks jobs could have possibly been created. Recall that among the his first actions as governor were several high profile bills guaranteed to destroy jobs (slashing unemployment benefits, refusing Medicaid expansion, cutting eduction spending). And recall that the legislature did not pass a single jobs bill this year, opting instead for job-killing tax cuts for the rich.

We are now well into our third full year of North Carolina’s being run under Republican fiscal policies and budgets – and the state is still losing jobs – no matter how often McCrory says otherwise.

Charlie Board


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