Rob Waters: NCAA lacks chops

December 5, 2013 

Regarding the Dec. 3 news article “Ex-department chair indicted”: Ever resourceful, the NCAA has outsourced its enforcement to Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall. Yes, the UNC program was out of control and off the rails, but I suspect similar abuses (or worse) would be found in any big-conference football program if a determined prosecutor and The N&O investigative team decided to go looking.

The fundamental corruption, however, lies within the NCAA, which enriches coaches and a favored few athletic programs while exploiting the athletes. The NCAA has created the system that fosters the rule infractions that have come to light. It’s a huge stretch to treat those infractions as crimes. Woodall and The N&O would do well to spend at least as much time looking in the opposite direction – at the NCAA rather than its targets.

Rob Waters


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