Vincent DiSandro Sr.: Obamacare in HD

December 7, 2013 

The writer of the Dec. 1 letter “(Un)willing to wait” couldn’t understand why people would wait in line to buy a big screen TV but not to buy health insurance.

We choose to buy a TV. We are being told we must buy health insurance. Let’s take the TV analogy a little further.

Suppose we already have a TV with only those features we want or need. Along comes the One Big Awful Mistake America program for buying new TVs. In order to get it passed, we are told that we can keep our old TV if we like it. Turns out we were lied to. Our old TV is being taken away from us, and we are told we must buy a new, much more expensive TV with all kinds of bells and whistles that we don’t want and that is actually not as good as the TV we had. Suppose further that we find out that the reason our TV costs twice as much is so the extra money can be used to give our neighbor down the street a TV. Maybe, just maybe, we might feel ourselves ill-used and not inclined to cooperate, but we have no choice.

I hope this explains the situation.

Vincent M. DiSandro Sr.


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