Tim Epperson: Obama’s judgment

December 7, 2013 

I feel compelled to respond to the nonsense of the Nov. 28 letter “Inexperienced Obama.” The writer decries what he judges to be Obama’s lack of “all around experience.” He seems to posit that Obama has failed to surround himself with the “best people” and calls into question Obama’s judgment in making “critical decisions.”

As Candidate Obama in the first election, he was criticized as possessing very little foreign affairs experience. Obama’s answer? Choose the Senate’s No. 1 foreign affairs expert as his running mate – a move that has certainly been instrumental in killing bin Laden, keeping the United States out of at least two (more) wars as well as using diplomacy over military force to de-fang Syria of its chemical weapons and now opening the door to the possibility of corralling Iran’s nuclear ambitions. I believe each of these classifies as a “critical decision” – and each has yielded positive results.

The writer goes on to suggest that the presidency would be best-served by a person from the ranks of “governors and the military.” Clearly the writer is nostalgic for the “good-old-days” of “good-old-boys” running the country. George Bush perhaps? As Sarah Palin might say, “How’d that work out for ya?”

Tim Epperson


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