Robert Hancock: ACA problems not solved

December 7, 2013 

I’m a dedicated conservative who objected to the Obamacare legislation, but once it went through I felt as though we should do our best as a country to make it work so that the “effort” couldn’t be questioned. If it failed, it would do so quickly. Sadly the “effort” can now be easily blamed if the implementation goes poorly in 2014.

Those who are for it will say that “naysayers” were the issue or that private companies caused a failure in the website that led to this. Let’s keep in mind that our government wrote the specs, made the plan and is 100 percent solely responsible for its implementation.

Just for giggles, I tried to sign up recently. It took 13 minutes to register. It took 19 minutes for me to get a confirmation email. Once I finally got to the “application” stage, the page was blank. I finally got a “visit later” message.

If this is what “fixed” looks like to our government, then that is just par for the course: The definition of stupidity: expecting government to solve problems well.

Robert Hancock

Wake Forest

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