Gary Pakes: Plenty of positive

December 7, 2013 

Regarding the “Inexperienced Obama” letter on Nov. 28: Evidently, the writer was asleep when President Obama prevented a full-scale Depression via his stimulus, eliminated 9/11’s key perpetrator (bin Laden), revived our auto industry, ended two wars, forced Syria to turn in its chemical weapons, negotiated a nuclear agreement with Iran and pushed for alternative energies leading to less American dependence on gasoline for energy.

The writer bemoans Obama’s referral to George W. Bush, yet Bush’s damage to the economy via tax cuts that led to no jobs and spending trillions of dollars for pointless pre-emptive wars will serve as the gold standard of what policies to avoid for several presidents to come.

As for Obama’s “inexperience” accounting for the problems regarding the rollout/implementation of Obamacare, inexperience would haunt any U.S. president in trying to accomplish this major endeavor because it has never been done before. Certainly, bringing affordable health care to all Americans has not been on any Republican agenda for over 100 years.

True, Obama’s experience in achieving the affordable health care dream has proved difficult, but it should not be abandoned – it just needs to be built upon and revised until it becomes a reality.

Gary Pakes


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