Lisa M. Pennington: Teacher’s lament

December 8, 2013 

Many years ago I served in the U.S. Air Force at Seymour Johnson. I am proud of my service and shared my experiences with my current third-grade students. My husband and I stayed in North Carolina. I graduated from Meredith College and most recently received a master’s of administration from N.C. State.

After serving the children of North Carolina for 18 years, I feel the legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory are attacking my honorable profession. Our children deserve to have talented and passionate teachers. With recent legislation, I am concerned that many young teachers will leave the profession. How will North Carolina attract teachers?

Many teachers are working two and in some cases three jobs to support their families. With the elimination of salary increases for advanced degrees, teachers will no longer be able to afford to pursue them.

Every teacher I know deserves a salary increase. I average 12-hour days and at least six hours on the weekends. I have spent several hundred dollars in four months on supplies. Many new teachers have spent more.

I will continue to go into my classroom and inspire future governors and legislators. My hope is that when they grow up, they will remember their third-grade teacher and how I helped them reach their goals.

Lisa M. Pennington


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