Mike Reid: Unemployment Grinch

December 8, 2013 

No one involved with unemployment compensation likes the changes made by Gov. Pat McCrory and the legislature. A person could be laid off every other week indefinitely and never qualify for compensation due to the “week of waiting per incident of layoff” requirement. Companies do not like the changes because they can no longer send a spreadsheet of all employees on layoff who qualify due to new burdensome requirements for personal information, which the company has no means of collecting.

Having to handle claims in ones and twos makes the process more tedious and time consuming. This applies equally to the unemployment workers who process these claims.

I work for one of the best corporations in America and have 700 co-workers. About 600 of these people have experienced between two and 11 weeks of layoff this year and in some cases more, mostly as one- or two-week layoffs.

Last year during the two-week Christmas to New Years layoff, we all received unemployment checks in our stockings. This year, Governor Grinch and his new policies will be giving us lumps of coal in our stockings. Everyone sing along: “You’re a mean one, Governor Grinch!”

Mike Reid

Wake Forest

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