Giglio Top 25: The last BCS title matchup, the same as the first: FSU vs. SEC

jgiglio@newsobserver.comDecember 8, 2013 

Note: Joe Giglio is one of 60 AP voters.

So much for the unbeaten vs. one-loss arguments.

Ohio State’s 34-24 loss to Michigan State in the Big Ten championship game on Saturday night tidied up the BCS title picture.

The last BCS title game will be the same as the first, after the 1998 season: the SEC vs. Florida State. Auburn (12-1), the SEC champions, will face Florida State (13-0), the ACC champions, on Jan.6 in Pasadena, Calif. for the final BCS title.

The order of the top two teams really doesn’t matter but I have Auburn No.1 because the Tigers have a better resume. Auburn beat Missouri (11-2), Alabama (11-1), Georgia (8-4) and Texas A&M (8-4).

Compare that to Florida State’s wins against Clemson (10-2), Duke (10-3) and Miami (9-3) and it’s really not even close. I realize every other voter sees it the other way, and I’m OK with that.

Understand, how I vote is a reflection of what has happened. It’s not a prediction of what will happen, nor is it some extrapolation about how FSU would fare in the SEC. What I’m saying is based on the results of the entire body of work, Auburn, even with a loss at Louisiana State, has done more this season than Florida State. Nothing more, nothing less.

While my top 3 did not change this week, No.4 did and with the playoff system coming next year, No.4 will be the new No.2.

I have Michigan State (12-1) ahead of Baylor (11-1) for No.4. Neither team has an incredible resume but the Spartans’ neutral site win against Ohio State is better than Baylor’s home win against Oklahoma. The Spartans also have a trio of wins over eight-win teams (Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota), while Baylor only has one (Texas).

Stanford (11-2) might have a legitimate argument for the fourth spot, when it comes to quality wins (Oregon, UCLA, Arizona State), but the Cardinal lost to Utah, which finished 5-7. I don’t care what your voting criteria is, there’s no way around bad losses.

In the time machine where we can speed ahead to 2014, that would mean semifinal matchups between No. 1 FSU vs. No.4 Michigan State and No.2 Auburn vs. No.3 Alabama.

Where can we sign up for that? Oh well, we’ve waited so long for a playoff in college football, what’s one more year?

1. Auburn 1

2. Florida State 2

3. Alabama 3

4. Michigan State 11

5. Baylor 7

6. Ohio State 4

7. South Carolina 8

8. Missouri 6

9. Central Florida 9

10. Stanford 10

11. Oklahoma 18

12. Oklahoma State 5

13. Louisville 14

14. Clemson 13

15. Oregon 15

16. LSU 17

17. Arizona State 16

18. UCLA 20

19. Wisconsin 21

20. Georgia 23

21. Northern Illinois 12

22. Fresno State 22

23. Duke 19

24. Miami 25

25. Texas A&M NR

Out: Texas (25)

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