Joe Burton: Israel needs to nuke nukes

December 9, 2013 

The writer of the Dec. 3 letter “A ‘bad’ deal” states that Israel lives under an existential threat from an implacable enemy (Iran) that calls for its destruction. Even if the truth of that questionable statement is accepted, Israel has more than 200 nuclear weapons that could annihilate Iran in a matter of minutes.

Israel clearly built those weapons to obtain security. But Israel still feels insecure and worries, publicly at least, about the nuclear deal negotiated with Iran by the U.S and others?

In 1974, the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the Middle East to become a nuclear-free zone with countries agreeing to refrain from acquiring nuclear weapons in any way. Other regions – South America, Africa, Central Asia, Antarctica, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific – are already nuclear-free zones.

If Israel destroyed its nuclear weapons and signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty as all other Middle Eastern countries have done, the Middle East could join other nuclear-free zones. Then people in the Middle East would live without fear of nuclear weapons use, accidental or deliberate, in their region.

Joe Burton, Raleigh

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