Radio talk show host Frank Roche challenges Ellmers

Posted by Craig Jarvis on December 10, 2013 

Radio talk show host Frank Roche will formally kick off his campaign for fellow Republican Renee Ellmers’ seat in Congress on Wednesday.

Roche is not expected to be Ellmers’ only challenger on the right in the GOP primary in May, as the party sorts out which direction it’s headed. Tea party interests helped re-elect Ellmers last year, while the more moderate national party has taken pains to embrace her.

Roche, in a news release this week, criticizes Ellmers on several fronts: her support for pending federal immigration legislation, “her moderate go-along-to-get along voting record,” what he calls poor constituent services, “a relentless focus on fundraising,” and not paying attention to important issues.

Roche is a financial market economist who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination to Congress and for state treasurer. He has been a commentator on Fox Business News and has had a talk radio program on WRDU-FM since July 2011, which has been suspended since October because of his political plans.

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