Edward R. Bernal: They had time

December 11, 2013 

Much of the mainstream media, including The N&O, report and would have people believe that it’s the Democratic Party that cares about people. I disagree. To support my position, I have three questions for Democrats.

Until now, the Democrats have controlled N.C. state government for almost 100 years, except for the few times there was a Republican governor. I moved to N.C. in 1995. From 1993 to 2011, or 18 years, the Democrats controlled everything about N.C. state government. If they care so much, could they please answer:

• Why didn’t they raise the minimum wage in N.C.? The only thing the federal law does is mandate a minimum, not a maximum.

• Why didn’t they provide health care coverage for every N.C. resident? That also doesn’t have to be a federal law. Massachusetts did it.

• Why didn’t they double, or triple, teachers pay? Since education is funded at the state level, it’s certainly clear that public school teacher pay in N.C. has been dictated by the Democrats.

I’d also like to ask groups like the NAACP why they never ask the Democrats these questions and why there were never any Moral Monday protests while the Democrats were in control to address the issues I raised.

Edward R. Bernal


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