Graham Givens: Beaches threatened

December 12, 2013 

The Dec. 5 news article “McCrory pushes N.C. drilling” was a frightening reminder of the McCrory administration’s “drill baby drill” attitude. Already, Gov. Pat McCrory has vowed to make sure fracking occurs in our beautiful state, and now it seems he will stop at nothing to make sure oil and gas drilling occurs off our treasured coast.

Even though I grew up in Virginia, my family would make yearly trips to Emerald Isle, Duck and Hatteras Island to enjoy what these beautiful places had to offer. We were not the only ones from out of the state, and I can remember seeing licenses plates from New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Virginia – all states that had their own beaches.

It is obvious that if McCrory were serious about promoting the economy and energy in North Carolina, he should promote clean, renewable sources of energy, such as offshore wind, that do not threaten our renowned beaches. It is time for McCrory to remember the people he represents and not the oil and gas industry.

Graham Givens


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