Barbara Magram: Federico making progress at WCAC

December 12, 2013 

Regarding the Nov. 24 news article “Petition urges shelter director to quit”: I have volunteered at the Wake County Animal Shelter for four years. I’ve watched countless dogs led off to be euthanized because they had upper respiratory infections or the shelter was full and they had been there “too long.” I asked about an outdoor dog play area and was told it was too expensive.

And then Dr. Jenn Federico, a veterinarian at Wake County Animal Center, was hired as director. I asked if it were hard to go from hands-on-healing to an administrative position, and she said she thought she could accomplish more for the animals as director. And she has. The dogs now have the “impossible” outdoor play area. The shelter has more foster homes than ever, freeing up space for the endless intake of animals – none of which can be refused by the shelter. It has been months since an animal with a URI has been euthanized.

Can more be done in terms of teaming with rescue groups? Possibly. I only know that Dr. Jenn has accomplished more as director of WCAC than was done in the three years prior. I am hopeful she will refuse to resign – because she cares too much for the animals to walk away.

Barbara Magram


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