Ken Weiss: Iran a threat to Israel

December 12, 2013 

Regarding the Dec. 10 letter “Nuke nukes” suggesting that a balance between Israel’s nuclear program and Iran’s ambitions would be a level playing field: It is critical to consider that Iran is the world’s largest exporter of worldwide terrorism, that a nuclear Iran would be an unprecedented destabilizing influence and that its government has time and again threatened Israel’s very existence.

Yet not once has Israel threatened any nation’s right to exist, let alone publicly promised to “wipe it off the map” as Iran has, a fact the writer confusingly calls “questionable.” Israel is a tiny nation, notwithstanding its enormous accomplishments that have benefited all mankind. But it would take a single nuclear bomb to make Iran’s threats a reality.

When Israel claims a nuclear Iran is an existential threat, this is not rhetoric. To compare Israel’s policies with those of Iran is not leveling the playing field, but an attempt at the kind of moral equivalence that has historically failed, time and again. A nuclear Iran, not a nuclear Israel is a threat to the world’s security.

Ken Weiss

Chapel Hill

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