Greg Kelly: BCBS non-transparency

December 13, 2013 

Regarding Brad Wilson’s Dec. 7 Point of View “Why same BCBS policies cost more”: I applaud the CEO for seeking to have an “honest conversation.” So why not give policy holders the facts related to their policies?

For our 2013 renewal, the BCBS website provided a breakdown of the dollar and percentage increase by the following: medical cost trend, age/gender (each family member), region adjustment, benefit choices and other factors. I found this information useful. More than half the increase was related to changes in age.

I could not find the same information for our 2014 renewal (13.5 percent increase). I was specific in my request for the line-item detail. I was thinking there would be a line for “ACA taxes and fees” applied to an existing plan. Then I would know the direct effect the ACA had on our family. In response, BCBS provided the dollar amount of the premium for each covered member; clearly, not what I asked for. So much for honest, fact-based conversations.

Why not make this information available for the 2014 renewal, as was done for the 2013 renewal? Oh, yeah, it is easier to point to the ACA for premium increase.

Greg Kelly


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