Dalia Brahmi: Doctors’ lament about lack of care

December 13, 2013 

I was inspired by your Dec. 12 news article “Researcher gets emotional at ‘Moral Monday’ trial” highlighting the advocacy efforts of Dr. Charles van der Horst on behalf of his patients after the North Carolina legislature rejected a Medicaid expansion. As a family physician, I am frustrated by the lack of access to affordable basic health care for my patients, especially reproductive health care.

Recently, I cared for a mother of two who wanted an IUD, a safe and effective long-acting birth control method, as she was unable to use birth control pills due to multiple medical issues. However, she could not afford the IUD because she was uninsured. Without insurance, my patient could not access the contraceptive method that was best for her, a common reason for unplanned pregnancies.

Many of my patients are suffering because they live in North Carolina and are unable to access essential health care that is available to residents of states that have expanded Medicaid. My colleagues and I just want to be able to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Dalia Brahmi, Carrboro

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