David M. Schmidt: Care riddled in red tape

December 13, 2013 

A writer asks in the Dec. 8 letter “Customers have choices” why, if a market-based system would reduce health care costs, costs have gone up so much over the past 20 years? The practice of medicine is a government-enforced monopoly with extremely costly legally mandated barriers to entry. The government will put anyone giving medical advice without permission in a cage for years.

Manufacturing medicines is so micromanaged by the government that it can take decades for a new drug to become available to patients. Government bureaucrats even decide which drugs patients will have access to and which will be withheld. Health insurance, even before the imposition of the “Affordable” Care Act, was one of the most over-regulated industries in the country.

Finally, the government has set itself up as a “provider” of health care – through Medicare and Medicaid. The dollars it wastes on these programs are either magicked into existence through inflation, thus diluting the value of everyone’s dollars, or stolen directly from the people in the form of taxes. Our health care system is not a market-based system. It would more appropriately be called “National Socialist Health Care.”

David M. Schmidt, Garner

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